Structural Calculations

  •  SARGON (Developed by Castalia)
  • PATRAN AND NASTRAN  (Developed by MSC software)
  • FEMAP (Developed by Siemens PLM Software)
  • LEONARDO HULL (Developed by RINA and BV) to verify ship scantlings according to RINA and BV rules
  • NAUTICUS HULL (Developed by DNV) to verify ship scantlings according to DNV rules repairing

Ship's stability & Hydrodynamics

  • AUTOHYDRO for ship’s stability calculation
  • AUTOPOWER for power prediction on ships
  • DELFT for hull lines drawing and fairing

Dynamic Analysis

  • MOSES (Developed by Ultramarine Inc.) for stability, sea-keeping, marine operation calculations
  • AQWA (Developed by ANSYS) for investigation of the effects of wave, wind and current on floating and fixed offshore and marine structures and mooring system analysis
  • DIODORE (Developed by Principia S.A.S.) for motions analysis of naval and offshore floating systems
  • HYDROSTAR (Developed by Bureau Veritas) for motions analysis of naval and offshore floating systems
  • DEEPLINES & DEEPLINES WIND (Developed by Principia S.A.S.) to perform in-place and installation analysesof a wide range of offshore structures including flexible and steel risers, umbilical risers, pipelines, floating hoses and mooring lines, offshore wind turbines
  • ORCAFLEX  (Developed by Orcina) for static and dynamic analysis of a wide range of offshore systems, including all types of marine risers (rigidand flexible), global analysis, moorings, installation and towed systems
  • ARIANE (Developed by Bureau Veritas) for quasi-dynamic mooring analysis

Cad & 3D Modeling

  • AUTOCAD & MICROSTATION for drawing purposes (2&3D)
  • RHINOCEROS for 2&3D modelling
  • CYCLONE 9.1 & REGISTER 360 for points cloud view
  • RECAP PRO  for points cloud view
  • BENTLEY DESCARTES  for points cloud (3D mesh)
  • AVEVA EVERYTHING 3D for design
  • BENTLEY OPEN PLANT  for plant modelling